About Dana


Why am I smiling?
Because these desserts are so good and someone else is watching my kids at this moment.

Wife and Mom. Beauty Industry Veteran. Gluten-Free Obsessed.

I had to give up gluten in 2017, which felt horrible at the time. I'm someone who loves to entertain and cook at home and I couldn't find anything gluten free beyond a snack cookie to serve for dessert, let alone anything that came close to being elegant. I found that baking with gluten free ingredients was HARD. The results were unpredictable which was frustrating after buying tons of expensive flours. I started Violeta to provide solutions for people like me, who want to serve one (amazing) dessert to everyone. Or you know, just eat some great stuff by yourself. While watching food documentaries. After your kids are asleep. (With wine.)

Things to Know About Me


I'm a mom

Of three kids. Yes, it's as crazy as it sounds. One of my kiddos has special needs so I'm hustling like a crazy person. All. The. Time. Speech, OT, Quick IEP update? Best believe I am doing ALL the things. I found my real strength as a momma after spending months living in the hospital between DC and Boston with my oldest. And I wouldn't trade this life or these kids for anything. Plus, they're all cuties, so what are you going to do but do it?


I’ve worked in the beauty industry for the past 10+ years.

Sales, product development, marketing, international business development...I've done it all. I still work in the industry. And I love it. It gives me an outlet for my curiosity and satisfies my cravings for artistic, beautiful things. Want to talk about dope packaging design? Or the latest Gucci popup in Tokyo? Let's do it. If you see random posts on Instagram from New York, it's because I'm there for work. To me food and beauty products are both expressions of art and I love them both.


I'm a Virgo

Which makes me a crazy organized person. I can't help it. I love handwriting in notebooks and planners and cute post it notes. I have a family binder for my babysitter. I drive my husband insane. But I've never left my passport at home before a 20 hour trip to South Africa. (Ahem...) I totally lean into the Virgo crazy and embrace it. 


Cooking is my meditation.

Cooking is where I have always felt the most relaxed, the most anti-Virgo and the place where I can truly unwind from the craziness of my life. I love that baking is scientific and reliable (well, not gluten free baking) and how people can get joy from what you make with your own two hands. I love that.

There’s a saying “I make because I must.” And that’s true to my core. I hope you can feel that when you taste my products.