Our Philosophy

Our Mission

As a gluten free girl, I still love entertaining as much as the next person. But after having to give up gluten, I couldn’t find any classic desserts that I could eat with my (picky) friends and family. With Violeta desserts, there is no more apologizing for serving something that is gluten free or excusing away strange textures. Our desserts taste like, well, desserts. So no more “good for gluten free.” Violeta sweets are just really good.


Our Ingredients

I grew up with parents who were buying organic before it was cool. And trust me, it didn’t feel cool having to wait in the school parking lot for the co-op truck to come through with organic oats and rice. To this day, I don’t like to eat junk and I know you don’t want to either. We're committed to whole, fresh ingredients in our products.

We're self-taught bakers, not chemists, so we wouldn’t know how to use preservatives if we tried. It makes our products more perishable, so you’ve got to eat sooner vs later, but we feel like it’s worth it. All of our products are always 100% gluten free. And always yummy.

Our Process

I know a lot of people who eat a gluten free diet have autoimmune drama (like me), so we are committed to being cautious in all of the ways that we can. For that reason, we bake using parchment paper, glass, cast iron or aluminum dishes to avoid random chemicals that may affect our bodies. We also bake in a dedicated gluten free facility.


Our Packaging

My mother composted everything. That really shouldn't be past tense because to this day she requests the used coffee grounds along with her Starbucks. And in that vein we've ensured our packaging reduces its impact to the environment as much as we can.

Our "plastic" containers are made from vegetables, so they are fully compostable, even if you forget and put them in the trash. Our paper packaging and enclosures are made from 80% post consumer recycled paper and you can recycle our shippers.

I've got kiddos, so making sure there is some earth left for them too is top on my list.