What People are Saying

"I received my order of the sticky toffee puddings and OMG—I’m speechless. I am not gluten-free, and these are some of the yummiest things I’ve ever had (I ate 3 in less than 24 hours). The moistness of the cake and the ooey-gooey caramel is just too much to handle!! I’m hooked." 

"The cream puff was incredible! Already want more!"

"I absolutely LOVE ya'lls cinnamon rolls!!! I've been GF for almost 11 years and I thought I'd never have a decent cinnamon roll again. Yours taste just like I remember Cinnabon tasting like! THANK YOU <3"

"Holy cow Dana you must be baking with magic. I’m completely blown away."

"So my husband and I crushed all the goodies on Saturday in one fell swoop... they were divine! My husband ate all the Sticky Toffee Pudding and he said it was perfectly gooey!"

 "My husband ate the cannoli and couldn’t believe it was gluten free!  The cream puffs are awesome! I’m glad they are frozen because I think I’d go through that box very quickly!"  

"My sister said that when she opened the box she was immediately hit with the smell of chocolate.  She said they were going to aim not to eat them all in one sitting.  They said they were sooo good and had a great consistency. They are both GF, so they appreciated having delicious GF treats."

"Oh wow! The cinnamon buns were absolutely incredible! When can we order more?"

"The texture of most GF food is just such a turn off...thank you for giving us back cinnamon rolls!!! ❤️❤️❤️"

" I’m still in awe over your cinnamon rolls. They are SO good and I can’t wait for the next pop-up!!"

"We tried your desserts and they are amazing!! So yummy!"

"I’m obsessed with your products. I’m still dreaming about the cinnamon rolls from a couple of weeks ago that are long gone. 😂"


"I was sooo excited to see that I got a second chance to try the cinnamon rolls! They are AMAZING! You would never know they are GF!"

 "I must say this cinnamon bun is absolutely delicious! It’s moist and full of flavor. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ "

"The cinnamon rolls were AMAZING! That frosting is on point and the texture of the rolls are so soft."